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Personal Lines Insurance

The term “personal lines insurance” is confusing to many, but it simply refers to insurance sold to individuals and families in contrast to businesses or organizations. Personal Lines Insurance includes the types of policies you are familiar with, such as home, auto, liability and life insurance.
Our 100+ years in the Personal Lines business is your assurance that the policies we recommend will be appropriately matched to your risks, fairly priced, and from sound and reputable companies.
Our Personal Lines Insurance Program provides you with a complimentary review of your current insurance coverage with an eye to your future needs as you purchase your new home.

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Business Insurance

If you own a business or commercial enterprise, we’re here for you as well. Our business owner’s packages bring you the same quality risk protection for your business, including commercial property, general liability, vehicle and equipment fleets, and workers compensation. And, we live and work in the same areas you do, so you’ll enjoy the benefits of an ongoing relationship with your HomeSale insurance professional.

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